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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

About Me (I)

  Hello, my name is Kenneth Kiang Jia Ming, but just call me Kenneth. I don't really do much sports, I am more of an "indoor" person. I like to play around with my cards, doing flourishes and shuffles. I also play with my fingerboard and do tricks, but my favourite is playing my computer games. I play TF2, BF3, Minecraft and a bunch of other games.
  I enjoy talking to people when they have the same interests as me, or not I won't really talk to them often, since there is nothing to talk about. I'm not really a fan of procrastination, I will try to clear my homework or projects first if I have any, this will let me have more free time afterwards and let me be less worried. I like to associate myself with light. I will always go the fastest way, I am bright but I will always have shadows somewhere, I can help you to see things more clearly, and I will make you burn if you make me heated up.

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